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Adult Track
Workshop Facilitator

Ginny has worked 40 years to bring forth the patient’s story in health care. After leaving a 25 year career in hospice, Ginny started the palliative care program at Confluence Health with her MD colleague in 2010. She believes that the patient is the expert of themselves and we in health care need to take the time to hear the patient’s story in order to provide the best possible care for the unique individual person as they define living well. She is active in Washington Serious Illness Coalition committee, that augments her philosophy for the patient’s needs. Ginny is an instructor for Honoring Choices and teaches serious illness conversation through Vital Talks, both at the local health care organization and becoming more involved with Vital Talks as an evolving faculty member. Ginny is also trained and does education through ELNEC. Ginny was part of the 2015 UW Palliative Care graduate certificate program, Cohort 1. She is also active in ACP and Palliative Care education throughout Confluence Health and the community. Being outdoors in the mountains “palliates” her to enable to do the important work through the maze of the complexities of healthcare.