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Apply for the Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care by May 1 for priority admission, all applications due by July 15.

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pathways for applying

Please read the School of Nursing application instructions carefully.

Because we serve an interprofessional student cohort, there are several pathways for applying to the program. If you don't see your clinical discipline represented below, feel free to be in touch at and we'll help you find your application pathway. 


Master's/Doctoral degree completed

MD/DO, APP, MSW, MDiv are our most common applicants

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Bachelor's degree completed

BSN are our most common applicants

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Current UW Graduate/Doctoral student

DNP students are our most common applicants 

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Required Items

  1. Two letters of recommendation: (providing their impression of the applicant as related to the following criteria: clinical competence, teaching and supervisory potential or ability, personality and integrity, and potential for leadership and professional development) with the 2 recommenders from the following options (Recommenders will receive email prompting them to submit online recommendations for you):
    1. clinical recommendation from current clinical supervisor
    2. clinical recommendation from a peer or previous supervisor
    3. academic recommendation, such as one from a clinical, class instructor or preceptor
  2. A statement of purpose indicating why you are interested in the School of Nursing Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care and how will you use the training in your daily work. Please include the preferred track/campus for your in-person workshops participation.
  3. Resume/CV
  4. UW School of Nursing Graduate School Application Supplemental Form
  5. Electronic transcript of all post-secondary schools (unofficial, if legible are accepted).


We receive many requests for financial support and try to balance need with available funds. We give priority to interprofessional students who otherwise couldn't participate and who have limited alternative funding sources. 

We will review all scholarship applications after our admissions decisions. Be sure to also submit your program application by July 15 if you have not already done so. 

As you explore funding options, please consider the sources that prior students have used to support their training: 

  • Financial aid/student loans (for eligible students concurrently enrolled in a degree-granting program) 
  • Continuing education funds through work or professional organizations
  • Institutional grant support or funds from other awards / scholarships
  • Funds from department / organization to support institutional goals or professional development
  • Gifts from friends, family, crowdsourcing campaigns

Track Information

Adult Track

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Pediatric Track

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