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Program Co-Directors

Lynn Reinke, Helene Starks, Amy Trowbridge

Seattle is the city that brought visionaries together to create this program. Seattle is home to the Palliative Care Training Center community of practice workforce that cares for patients facing serious illness. Seattle is our flagship site and our academic center. The Seattle workshops are held on the University of Washington campus featuring a stunning view of Portage Bay. The alumni of the program represent every major healthcare organization in the Greater Seattle Area as well as leading national organizations that have invested in palliative care training for their own employee workforce.


Site Facilitator

  • Michael Light


Site Director

Caroline Hurd

Portland is our first regional expansion site. Built with primary palliative care champions serving outpatient clinics, home care and inpatient service, Portland has added NPs, MD/DOs, social workers and nurse coordinators to their alumni community of practice. They engage regularly with process improvement and systems change projects and presentations to expand awareness on the benefits of palliative care for their medical colleagues. Providence has partnered with this site to invest in their palliative workforce and grow them as healthcare leaders. 


Site Facilitators

  • Mari Matsumoto
  • Doug Niehus
  • Marianne Parshley
  • Caroline Reay


Site Director

Mike Ross

Boise is our first expansion site to champion the unique needs of rural palliative care. Drawing its foundation from the St. Luke’s workforce, many nurses, social workers and spiritual care providers from neighboring clinics, primary care practices and hospices have joined this learning site to grow their communication skills. Alumni from Horizon Hospice, Walla Walla Hospice, Skagit Regional, and provider teams from Okanagan serve their patient populations with a communications toolkit and the confidence to navigate individual, team and healthcare systems challenges with mastery.


Site Facilitators

  • Zac Erekson
  • Rainy Sauer
  • Jim Schmidt
  • Gina Pollard